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After two years of stress fractures and misdiagnosis, two rounds of physical therapy, and a knee replacement, BridgeFit has been life changing.  My posture is better. My core is stronger. I feel energized and able to be the active person I want to be. It has been a very positive experience.

Judy W.
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Dustin and the entire staff are knowledgeable and very caring people.

I was skeptical of getting results at 64 years old, but I exceeded my expectations in just the first month!  Dustin's expertise and system really worked for me.

Keith W.
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Dustin has helped me greatly with strength, speed, and movement for my sport and overall health. He's taught me proper form to eliminate my back pain, and has helped me increase my vertical and gain weight with his individualized programming. Dustin is a great trainer, but also a great friend and mentor.

Lavita K.


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